Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Glastonbury 2011

Glastonbury is a arts festival in the the UK (Southwest England, in the county of Somerset) known for its music, theater, dance, comedy... It was heavily influenced by the hippie ethics and the free festival movement of the 70's... Anyways something to always look out to in these kinds of festivals are the fabulous street styles. This years festival (which runs during the last week of June) took off with rainy weather which introduced 2 prominent trends: The green parka and the wellies paired with mini shorts. 
PS: this is how to look effortlessly glam in icky muddy weather, take notes people in Montreal!
Jacket: Jcrew/ Top: bcbg/ Shorts: Zara/ Boots: Hunters

the last four pictures are of mehhh ! looking at the Glastonbury street style pictures made me nostalgic about wearing my hunters...esp with shorts.

for more street style pics of Glastonbury check out these links:


  1. to me its all the same..cool on the first one and then it just gets boring and conventional : they r all wearing the same outfit!

  2. well ya that's what i'm arguing..2 trends we reportedly see but i mean ya when you put the pictures next to each other like that yes, but let's say you're the only one wearing that style in a different setting, you stand out!

  3. omfg nour i missed sooooo many articles (like a weeks worth) ugggh im such a bad friend..

    anyway yay for hunter boots!!!