Sunday, 31 July 2011

Interview with Miroslava Duma

Check out this interview with Miroslava Duma! i love her!! esp since she is one of the few girls in the fashion industry with a small/petite figure!

More Missoni, Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Ad campaign for the Winter 2012, also signed by Juergen Teller. Also a tribute to Ottavio, original founder of the fashion house who celebrated his 90th birthday in Februray. The models in the photos are Kaitlin Aas, Valeria Kelava and Kinga and Kristina Salinovic.

Saturday, 30 July 2011


So i am finally in Beirut now, back from my little vaca to Berlin. Berlin is one of the first cities i have been to where i don't speak the language so it was a really different experience for me. The city was even more different than i expected, i was awaiting the dark grungy mood of the city which i immediately felt during the rainy/cold weather we had! the upside of that was that no tourist where to be spotted in the city, leaving sol and i the only ones at the Berlin wall. I couldn't really get a good luck at the Berliners fashion sense because everyone was all tucked under their scarves and coats! yes it was that cold! Our days were filled with doing touristy things during the day, and hitting awesome underground bars and clubs at night. Another shocking thing, the bouncers in Berlin are feistyyy, entering a club is not based on age or looks but purely subjective and based on if the bouncer likes you or not ! no jokes, after my little experience trying to enter Candi bar i wouldn't think i would ever get rejected at a cub in Europe but yess the walk of shame had followed me there haha. Anyways I am in Beirut now, just came back from the beach, getting my tan on after the coldness in Berlin. Summer for me is always a time where you feel so disconnected from the world, especially in Lebanon. Following daily news and such is such a hassle since internet here is super slow ....making it even harder for me to follow my usual set of fashion blogs! but i will try to update as much as possible. Anyways here a few pictures of my trip to Berlin, enjoy!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


So just finished zipping my last suitcase, ready to go. I'm travelling to Berlin this week to meet up with my friend Sol, then heading to Beirut to see the family! Don't expect updates this week, i doubt i'll have interent access in the hostel haha. Anyways so excited for my trip, never been to Berlin but i only hear great reviews. Expect pictures!!
I leave you guys with this Birkin inpsired bag by Banana Taipei that everyone is talking about (sold for only 35$ in Taiwan) but i heard you can email and order it from their website. Apparently there is even a waiting list for it, jeez!

Bill Cunningham recently talked about this bag:


Monday, 18 July 2011

More Russian dolls

My recent post mentioned Miroslava Dumma, a Russian trend-setter. I just saw on a article by Tommy Ton of Jak and Jil blog talking about this new generation of Russian fashionistas.  He states that "Moscow has emerged as a fashion/luxury capital, the city greatest exports have become a group of street-style mavens who have stolen the spotlight from the editrixes. With their bold sense of style and love of color and all things riche, they are the ones to watch".
Here are a few pictures of Tommy's best shots of Russian beauties: Vika Gazinskaya (designer of Vika Gazinskaya), Miroslava Dumma, Natasha Goldenberg (best friend to Miroslava), Elena Perminova (model), Ulyana Sergeenko (photographer)...
PS: for pictures of Miroslava check out my previous post here
And check out the full article here