Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Milano Men's Fashion Week

So i've never been much of a follower of Men's fashion... but as I get more lost in this hectic fashion world, i become more and more curious. I checked out a few collections of the Spring/Summer 2012 Menswear collection (i knoww spring 2012 reallllly?) and of course the Italian big names really stood out. Prada and Missoni seem to have this sporty storyline to their collection while Dolce e Gabbana keep it clean cut and suited up (pairing them with cool glasses). Prada went for a more "retro golf" inspired look, playing with a more feminine side with pastel colored shirts and cardigans as well as bold printed hats, while Missoni based their collection on a more personal story. Angela Missoni was inspired by the 1948 London Olympic in 1948, where her parent's met. One can see the stylish side of sportswear here with the linen light blazers, knitted tops, and of course the infamous Missoni stripes which were refreshed. On another note, American designer John Varvatos went for a more rock 'n roll look, with looks resembling rock singers like Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page.

a little treat ! (Dolce e Gabbana)
John Varvatos

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