Friday, 17 June 2011

The myth of Italian Men

Italian Men? No i am not talking about buff Italian Guidos portrayed in Jersey Shore yeayea (which i have nothing against). If there is one thing i love about Italy, (besides its history, culture and all that shnazz) is the sense of style of Italian men. We see this more specifically in Florence and in Milan. I recall seeing this photo 1 year ago from the Sartorialist which really drew my attention and got me thinking... It was of a group four men, all different ages, who depict the aesthetic of Italian male street style. This aesthetic consists of "italian men" (of any age) as being effortlessly elegant and charming in his ways of dressing as well as in his attitude and gestures. Last summer when i was working in Italy, i was finally convinced that this myth was true. If there is one thing even better then Italian men is Italian men on bikes lol but this is a story of itself that deserves its own post. Anyways, the style of Italian men mainly consists of a nicely fitted navy blazer with a tucked in shirt, nicely cropped beige or jean trousers paired with leather shoes or suede shoes. This is pretty much the classic style but nowadays Italian men are pushing the boundaries. While still remaining classic, men are playing with detail adding more color and patterns to their style while still not looking too feminine. This is what we have been seeing this past week at Pitti Uomo, Florence (Pitti Uomo is the largest men's fashion show in Europe) which is the place to spot fabulous street style.
After tons of browsing in the Sartorialist archives here is the pic of the four italian men i love! Following this are a series of street style pictures at Pitti Uomo.

Via the Sartorialist

Pictures Via Streetfsn

Notice, none of these men are wearing black!

Also check out this article i found from the New York Times! Ironically, the reporter also mentions Jersey Shore!

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