Friday, 1 July 2011

Looking Back: Kate Moss

Kate Moss has come a long way in the evolution of the fashion world. It was said that she was spotted at JFK airport sitting on a suitcase when she was only 14 years old by scouter Sarah Doukas, and the rest was history. She then appeared in shots by Stephen Meisel and Patrick Demarchelier and became the next big thing since Twiggy. Moss signed with Calvin Klein Jean brand in 1990, while also developing an intimate relationship with "Grunge" photographer Corinne Day. Fast forward 20years, Kate Moss is now a huge figure and influence in the fashion world, from being the face of numerous designers to having her own line with Topshop leaving tons of teenagers trying to recreate her unique look.
So in tribute to her wedding day today, i'm posted some pics i like of her. Enjoy!
1993, Under Exposure issue of Vogue by Corinne Day
1993, First cover on British Vogue shot by Corinne Day
1990, Calvin Kelin
1997, Vogue
pirating airport stylewear
2000, photographed by Corinne Day
2000, Modern version of 60's London
2002, Photographed by Corinne Day
2003: the notion of "festiva fashion" began with Kate Moss (seen here at Glastonbury festival)

2007, new fringe look
2008, Costume institute gala NYC with Stella McCartney
at the wedding, dress designed by John Galliano and suit by YSL

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