Thursday, 4 August 2011

Swatch Colorii

ahh Swatch, what can i say? I think they are every child's first watch amongst many more! I've owned so many since i was a child from flik flak's to flashy patent ones. They are great because they come in all styles and colors (despite their unbelievably loud ticking which you can't control!)
Ironically Swatch watch has become the "it" item to have in the fashion world pairing it with expensive designer accessories. The popular styles have been the pop colored patent ones and the Hermes inspired double strap style (from the lady collection). Swatch are timeless and classic watches. I also adore the vintage ones, especially from the Olympic edition which is a cool collectors item. You can score some of these vintage watches in American Apparel stores, i recall that they sell a bunch!

lady collection swatch worn by blogger Chiara from The Blonde Salad

Worn by Leandra from The Man Repeller

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  1. thanks to you girlies i am now IN ze new trend :)