Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham is a New York based fashion photographer for the New York Times known for his candidness and street photography. He photographs people everyday on the street of New York. Cunningham is THE original Sartorialist. This guy is really something because he has got a visual history of the last 40 years of the whole New York fashion scene. "It's the total scope of fashion in the life of New York"-Oscar de la Renta. He is also notoriously known for taking his snapshots on his bike. 
Recently, the Times released a documentary on his life titled Bill Cunningham New York. I still have got to see it!! Note: 0.57 seconds , is where he lives!
For all you curious little ones, the song in the end of the trailer is I'll be your mirror-The Velvet Underground & Nico

Here are a few snapshots by Bill which can be found in the New York Times section, On The Street or Even Hours by Bill Cunningham.



  1. yay! didnt know about this guy, will definitely be checking him out now

  2. I didnt know about him too, probably he's not a notoriety hunter like many other people, and those pictures look so genuine!