Sunday, 12 June 2011

Jean-Paul Gaultier

So yesterday, my mom and I were randomly walking in downtown Montreal, when we noticed this crowd in front of Holt and Renfrew. I quickly realized that designer Jean-Paul Gaultier was inside, signing autographs and just chit chatting away with fans. I have to admit I am not a big follower of his, besides coming across to advertisements for his perfumes modeled by Agyness Deyn. But what i know is that he refuses to make an appearance without his classic mariniere shirt which he put back in style after Coco Chanel. Ironically, I myself was wearing one too! I quickly approached and got a good look at him, and immediately noticed his friendly attitude towards all the fans. He genuinely seemed sweet and literally spent 10min with each fan talking and giving them goodbye kisses. Anyways it was a nice experience! 
Here is a shot of what i wore and of the event. 
PS: i knoww i got to stop taking pics of myself in front of the mirror, lamee !
Top: Jcrew/ Jeans: Urban Outfitters/ Shoes: Aldo/ Necklaces: from Tunisia

Note the mariniere shirt!
One of his little gestures!

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  1. haha that's really cool you got to see him, got an autograph?